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Joe Porper Dai Vernon Tribute Wand
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Only one of six made! Very Rare!


One of the only 6 just sold on Martinka auction last week for $754.00 and if you add to that the 15% premium you've got a stunning $850+ accessory. Even at that big pricetag, I think it is worth every penny.  It is one of the most elegant and beautiful memorial tributes to the most influential close-up magician of the 20th century, the late Dai Vernon.  There are only six and they are exquisitely and perfectly made by Joe Porper.
The tips made of Ivory are striking, each bearing two of the famous art deco images of a young Vernon in a tux, along with his distinctive and beautiful signature. The body of the wand is ebony.  Each tip is separated from the shaft by a gorgeous black and white inlaid band.  The wand unscrews into two halves with a brass fitting in the middle.  When together, the seam is almost invisible.  Included is the trademark Porper leather case.
The wand is in pristine mint condition and the words can't describe what the photos clearly show.This wand is a fitt ing tribute to Vernon, but is also elegant enough to actually use in performance.